Alyssa Milano may be a famous celeb, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune from those not-so-glorious parts of being a mom. And as she revealed to PEOPLE, Milano’s most embarrassing parenting moment was definitely anything but glorious—and fell solidly into gross territory.

In a video for PEOPLE‘s “Celeb Parents Get Real” series, Milano spilled the beans—er, tossed the cookies?—about a majorly mortifying moment she had with her son, on a plane no less.

As Milano describes it, not even five minutes into her flight, she realized that her son was about to throw up. That’s right, mama Milano was totally trapped next to her about-to-puke kid. So what did she do?

Like any good mama, Milano used whatever she had on hand to solve the situation—literally. With her son about to blow, Milano cupped her hands together and caught her kid’s barf. Yep, she caught it with her hands. The actress-mama added, “Thank God nobody came after me with a black light because it would’ve been not a pretty picture.”

Here’s hoping for everyone’s sake on that plane it was a short flight!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram 



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