You’ve always wanted to pull a Mary Poppins and pop into a chalk picture for the day.  Well, you can’t exactly enter these mind-bending, 3D chalk drawings, but it’s a close second.  Grab your kiddo and check out these 18 incredible sidewalk chalk arts that’ll make you do a double (or triple!) take.

LEGO Terracotta Army by Leon Keer

What’s cooler than an army? A LEGO army! Drawn by Leon Keer in 2011 at the Chalkfestival in Florida, this drawing actually measured up to about 100 sq meters (about 1,000 ft)! Isn't it magical what a little perspective can do to the eye?

Can you believe that these drawings are not actually 3D? “Like” this story if your mind was blown! 

— Christal Yuen