photo: Amazon

Who doesn’t get positively giddy when you get an unexpected gift? Umm, everyone does. But some people got a surprise on Tuesday that they really weren’t expecting. Select Amazon customers got a, well… lets’ just say, kind of an off email. Yep, that’s right. Amazon had their own little oops moment, sending customers email alerts that someone had bought them a present from their baby registry. Hey, what’s so wrong with that? Take a look at why this seemingly simple email was a major mistake.

Okay, everyone enjoys reading an email that their friends or family members are celebrating the upcoming birth of their baby by buying them a gift. Gifts are good. That’s it. Right? Hmm. Maybe not all the time.

The problem with Amazon’s emails wasn’t that customers don’t want notifications when people buy them gifts off of their registries. It was that the customers didn’t have registries. Actually, most of the customers weren’t even pregnant.

The emails included links to the view the recipients “thank you list.” Needless to say, plenty of people who got the email immediately deleted it — assuming it was a phishing scam. But the emails were real and were indeed from Amazon.

The online retailer isn’t going into the fortune-telling business and they don’t have a new “surprise you’re pregnant” announcement service. According to a company spokesman, the emails were sent due to a technical glitch.

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