A disembodied, robotic computer voice isn’t exactly the first thing parents think of when deciding on what to call their babies, which is exactly why “Alexa” isn’t a popular girls name anymore. Since Amazon introduced the Echo in 2015 Alexa has become nom du jour to nom de no more.

According to the Social Security Administration Alexa held a coveted spot in the top 50 most popular girls names in the US. By 2015 it had even cracked the 30s, ranking at 32 in most popular names, but then things changed. The name dropped significantly by 2016 and was down to 65 by 2017. So why the sudden and sharp dip? Blame Amazon.

When every mom’s favorite online retailer rolled out the Echo smart speaker, it also introduced the world to “Alexa,” the computer assistant that now voices Amazon’s ever-expanding line of smart home devices. Apparently, the name doesn’t quite have the same baby ring to it after you’ve used it to command a robot to do your bidding. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explained in a 2016 interview that the name Alexa was inspired by a talking computer in the Star Trek series, of which he was a big fan growing up.

In case you’re wondering about another famous AI voice, Siri has never cracked the top 1000 names in the last two decades and likely won’t anytime soon.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pexels


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