There’s yet another feature on our favorite home assistant because Amazon launched Alexa Donations and it’s the most feel-good skill yet. Giving to your favorite charity just got super easy!

Users can donate between $5 and $5000 simply by saying “Alexa, donate [X amount of dollars] to the [charity of your choice].” Currently, Amazon has a list of 50 charities that are supported by the new skill that can be searched on the Alexa Donations Amazon Pay page.

Amazon Echo with Alexa

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

The process is rather simple. When you feel inclined to donate, ask Alexa the phrase above. Alexa will then send you some information about the charity you’ve selected to your Alexa app so you can do any research necessary. Alexa will confirm the amount you’d like to donate and when you approve, all funds will be deducted from the payment you have associated with your Amazon pay account.

You will receive a receipt via the app and also email after all is said and done. So the charity can follow up with you about your donation, Alexa notifies givers that their information will be shared prior to finalizing your transaction. The various stops along the way mean that you won’t accidentally give away $5000 without meaning to!

We love this new skill and can’t wait to see what Alexa can do next!

This is an amazing new feature! What’s your favorite thing Alexa can do? Let us know in the comments below!

––Karly Wood



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