Maureen Pritchard spent half a year planning something pretty special for her hubby. It wasn’t a special weekend getaway or some over-the-top gift. instead, it was an Amazon box April Fool’s Day prank. And this prank is priceless.

The Wisconsin woman saved all of her Amazon boxes—as well as her sister’s and parents’ packages—for six months. When Apr. 1 rolled around this year, she stacked the bevy of boxes in front of her home—hopefully leading her husband to believe she over-ordered to an infinite degree. Or that their fam was massively lucky in the gifted sense.

As her husband arrived home from work, Pritchard sat by the window taking a video of his reaction to the box fortress surrounding their home. Part one of the now-viral clip, which she posted on Facebook, shows the  car drive up and her husband get out. This is when Pritchard thought for sure that the jig was up.

Even though he saw her taping, Pritchard’s husband still wasn’t sure exactly what was going on. After coming inside, he asked what all the boxes were. Her second video shows his reaction to the prank—and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

We know April Fool’s Day has come in gone—but you can totally save this prank for next year!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Amazon



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