Put your Amazon app away and take a trip to the bank, because the online retailer’s formerly cashless IRL stores are now accepting the green stuff. The brick-and-mortar stores are changing their payment options, depending on where you live.

In April, the cashless-to-cash Amazon Go transition rumors started swirling. A company spokesperson confirmed to CNBC, that Go stores would start accepting additional types of payment at some point in the future––and the future is now!

photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Following backlash against the cashless payment-only method, Amazon reconsidered its Go checkout model. Even though the ability to scan, bag and leave without spending half your day wrangling kids in the check-out line sounds like bliss to many of us mamas, it also excludes some customers. Anyone without access to an Amazon account or without a credit or debit card can’t use the high-tech stores.

According to recent reports, Amazon’s newest (and twelfth) Go store will open in New York City this week—and it will accept cash. The store, located in Brookfield Place mall in Lower Manhattan, will have “entry associates” who scan cash payers in. After shopping, these customers can check out with an employee, pay cash and get a paper receipt. And, of course, you can still use the cashless option.

As of now the NYC Amazon Go store is the only one of the retailer’s brick-and-mortar shops that will accept cash, but expect more stores to roll out this option over time.

—Erica Loop



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