If you’ve heard the rumors that Amazon opened a second cashless store, they’re true! Kind of. The second Amazon Go store is in the works but isn’t ready for its grand debut just yet. The cashier-free store design is revolutionizing the grocery game and it looks like the Amazon has plans to keep it growing.

So, what’s the deal with Amazon opening a second cashier-free grocery store? Well, the much-anticipated news has been confirmed. According to an Amazon spokesperson, “We are excited to bring Amazon Go to 920 5th Avenue in Seattle. The store will open in Fall 2018.”

While Amazon is yet to officially release any stats or specs on the new store, GeekWire reported that permit filings with the city of Seattle state that the retail space will take up roughly 3,000 square feet. And if you’re wondering, yes that’s considerably larger than the first Amazon Go (which is 1,800 square feet).

The newest Amazon Go’s location is a prime space for retail grocery shopping. The location, the first floor of the Madison Centre, is at the base of a 36-story high-rise.

Now for the big question—when will Amazon Go go national? As of right now, Amazon hasn’t announced plans to spread their no-cashier-needed brick and mortar store outside of the Seattle area. Hmm. For now, anyone not living in or visiting the Seattle area will just have to cross their fingers and hope.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Amazon via YouTube


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