If the thought of rush hour traffic, a teeny tiny cubicle and the inability to take an hour off to catch your kiddo’s mid-day school holiday party turns your stomach, then here’s something you’ll want (scratch that, need) to know: Amazon is hiring 200 virtual positions. For parents looking for a flexible working environment, there’s nothing like a work-from-home position and with a company as big as Amazon, you can be pretty confident about job security, too.

Yep. The online retail marketplace giant isn’t just hiring people to work at their Seattle headquarters. Heck, they’re also not just hiring people to packaging, ship and deliver all of those cardboard boxes that you order almost daily.

Photo: Christin Hume via Unsplash

Along with these types of IRL jobs, Amazon has plenty of jobs listed in “Virtual Locations.” So what can you do if you want to work for Amazon from the comforts of home (or your local Starbucks)?

There are jobs in customer service, especially if you’re fluent in another language such as Spanish of Japanese. But if you aren’t into talking to customers, don’t worry. There are still tons of other jobs open. There are jobs in quality assurance, inventory control, software development, sales, network operations and account management—and much more.

How can you score one of these work from home jobs at Amazon? Simply visit their website’s “jobs” section and click on Virtual Locations. Wherever you are in your career, good luck!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Matthew Henry via Burst



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