photo: Simone Brunozzi via Flickr

The holidays can be a tough time to make ends meet with so many extra expenses, so if you’re looking for some extra income over the season, a temporary position can be the perfect solution. And as one of the biggest holiday retailers in the country, Amazon is in need of plenty of extra help and is hiring more than 120,000 workers for the season.

Amazon has temporary openings in 33 states in positions including customer service, sortation and fulfillment center. “We prepare year round for the holidays and we’re excited to hire for over 120,000 positions this season to help delight our customers,” said Dave Clark, Amazon senior vice president of global customer fulfillment in a press release. “We look forward to welcoming back holiday employees who return year-after-year to Amazon and welcome new faces to the team, many of whom will continue on with regular, full-time roles with the company after the holidays.”

Last year, many holiday employees were kept on in full-time positions after the season which is good news if you’re looking for long-term employment as Amazon provides some pretty great job perks. In addition to 20 weeks of paid leave for new parents, they also offer the Ramp Back program, which allows moms to choose the pace that they wish to return to their job. It also offers Leave Share which lets employees share their leave benefits with a spouse, if they don’t receive paid leave from their own companies.

For more information on the job openings and how to apply, check out the listings here.

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