This week some exciting changes were announced by Amazon and they’re all geared at keeping our kids safe. Coming on May 9, you will be able to purchase the all-new Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, the kid-friendly version of the original device coming in fun primary colors and geared towards little ears.

You’ll notice right away that the kids edition is $30 more than the traditional black and white Echo Dot, but there’s a reason. When you purchase the new device, you’ll get access to Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa, which offers parental controls and family-focused content––for free!

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, Blue, Dresser 2

So what’s included in Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited subscription? Kids will be able to listen to ad-free radio stations and playlists (with automatically filtered songs), have access to thousands of audiobooks, educational games and special premium Alexa skills. In addition, parents will have access to awesome parental controls, including the ability to review activities and set time limits.

If you won’t be purchasing the new Echo Dot Kids Edition, you can still subscribe to the FreeTime Unlimited program starting at $2.99 per month for Prime members or $4.99 for non-Prime members. The prices vary depending on your membership, but also for how many kiddos are in the house so you can set individual guidelines for each family member.

Did we mention that FreeTime Unlimited is also for other devices, too? The subscription means you’ll also have parental controls over your families Kindle Fire, Kindle reading device and even certain Android devices.


But let’s get back to the Echo Dot Kids Edition, shall we? When you snag the new Dot, you’ll also be getting a two-year warranty as opposed to the regular one-year option (because kids). The kid-friendly device comes in red, blue and green (we’re still holding out hope they’ll throw in a purple one in there soon).

And more news! Existing Dot owners will also get a free software update on May 9 with Amazon FreeTime, a special new facet of Alexa packed with parental controls and new Alexa skills that offers household announcements, blocking of explicit songs and solutions for the ever-present “Moooooom, I’m boooooored.”

You can read more about all the changes over at Amazon.

Will you be springing for the new Echo Dot Kids Edition? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

––Karly Wood

Photos Courtesy: Amazon


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