Remember way back when Amazon was all about books? The mega online retailer that started out as a book-selling website is getting back to its roots with a $1 million plus commitment to funding literary-based nonprofits.

The Amazon Literary Partnership has helped to fund over 150 literary organizations (to the tune of $12 million) since 2009. The online giant recently announced the 66 nonprofits it’s funding this year—helping writers to create, learn, teach and so much more!

photo: Element5 Digital via Pexels

Grant recipients will help writers with diverse voices to grow as storytellers and professionals through residencies, fellowships, after-school classes, literary magazines and other writing-based activities. Along with $1 million in grant funding to the 66 nonprofits, Amazon is also awarding two $120,000 grants to Academy of American Poets and the Community of Literary Presses and Magazines.

Neal Thompson, Manager of the Amazon Literary Partnership, said of the Amazon Literary Partnership, in a press release, “By funding organizations working to uplift the voices of underrepresented writers, we hope to champion the writers of the world we live in now. We are also thrilled to be working with the Academy of American Poets and CLMP to reach organizations committed to supporting poets and upcoming writers.”

For a full list of 2019 Amazon Literary Partnership grant recipients click here.

—Erica Loop



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