While most shoppers know Amazon for its online selection of just about everything, the mega retailer is no stranger to brick-and-mortar stores, like its popular Amazon Bookstores. Last month, Amazon opened a very different kind of store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The Amazon 4-Star brick-and-mortar store only sells items that have Amazon reviews of four stars and higher. So, what can you actually buy in this one-of-a-kind store?

Customers can find products they’re sure to love: every items must be rated 4 stars and above and be a top seller, or is new and trending on Amazon’s website. The store features some of the the most popular categories on Amazon, including devices, consumer electronics, kitchen, home, toys, games and of course, books.

The store has opened just in time for the holidays, where you can find products that are “most wished for,” a collection of products found on tons of Amazon users’ wish lists.

When shopping the store, you’ll find digital price tags that show both the Prime and list price, as well as average star rating, number of reviews and Prime member savings. In case you needed any more encouragement to check out the new store, Amazon is offering customers who aren’t already Prime members to sign up for a free 30-day trial and get the Amazon.com price in store!

And don’t forget the kitchen department, where Amazon rules supreme. You’ll find all the hottest selling items you already love adding to your digital shopping cart, like Kitchen Aid mixers, blenders and air fryers!

Amazon plans to constantly update their inventory, especially giving the fluctuating nature of Amazon reviews. Shoppers can also see what’s trending in New York, too. The store has a ton of options, so it’s definitely worth checking out not only next time you’re in the City that Never Sleeps, but every time you visit New York City, too.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Amazon/Featured photo: HyperChange via Instagram



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