If it seems like the days of going to the mall and shopping are totally out when it comes to your teen, you aren’t wrong. Long gone are the days when kids browsed Spencer’s, window shopped at Contempo Casuals and bought cassettes at Camelot music. Now, they do everything online — including shopping! And the mega giant of online retail marketplaces, Amazon, now wants to help your teenager shop independently, kind of. Check out what Amazon has in store for teens whose parents have Prime memberships.

Instead of having to ask mom or dad to shop for them, teens can now use the Amazon app themselves. Okay, so technically they probably could have downloaded the app or used mom’s computer and shopped as much as they wanted to before.

But now Amazon has teen-focused features that allow kids to shop or stream media while their parents stay informed. In other words, no surprise credit card bills.

That app allows parents to set pre-approved spending limits and gives them the chance to approve all orders from their teens (ages 13 through 17). Here’s how it works: Your teen finds something that they want on Amazon. They place an order through the app. You get a text or an email that shows what your child wants to order, the price, the shipping address, payment info and an optional note from your teen on why they want/need the item.

You can then approve the order via text or through the app. If you choose to set a pre-approved spending limit, you can opt out of the approval step.

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