With the launch of Amazon’s new Amazon Day shipping option this week, you may be wondering, “What is Amazon Day?” The Amazon Prime member-only benefit revamps the way the company handles shipping and is a big move towards reaching their Shipment Zero initiatives, one of which is making half their shipments net carbon zero by 2030.

In short, the perk is a new delivery option that allows Prime members to pick a day to receive their orders and it’s amazing for so many reasons. Whether you’re placing an order for one item or want to coordinate multiple orders to arrive on the same day, Amazon Day helps make deliveries predictable.

photo: Courtesy of Amazon

One of the biggest advantages of using Amazon Day is the ability to receive packages on days you choose, especially to avoid package thefts. Pick a day you plan to be home and receive all your Amazon boxes on that day. So. Easy.

Shoppers will also cut down on the amount of cardboard used since items from orders will be combined—which means fewer Amazon boxes to break down and recycle. Using Amazon Day also lowers the number of trips your delivery driver is making to your home, meaning less gas and fewer emissions going into the environment!

Using Amazon Day is actually very seamless. Once you arrive at your shopping cart, you’ll see the option to “Choose your Amazon Day” when you reach the shipping page.

Once you click, you will be taken to “Your Amazon Day” and can pick the best day that works for you. It’s also worth noting that not every order has to go through Amazon Day once this option has been utilized. (You can still make expedited, regular two-day and Subscribe & Save orders as needed.)

Using the Amazon Day shipping option does still require a roughly two-day order window, so shop accordingly. The new program is already available for use by all Amazon Prime members throughout the United States.

––Karly Wood



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