It was just over a year ago that Amazon bought Whole Foods and now it looks like the company might be getting ready expand into another new territory. According to Bloomberg, Amazon might buy a chain of movie theaters. Representatives for Amazon declined to comment.

Bloomberg is reporting that Amazon is considering acquiring Landmark Theaters, a chain of movie theaters known for art-house films that border on mainstream. So what exactly would Amazon want with a chain of movie theaters? Once again, it would seem that it would be a way for Amazon to reverse thrusters and bring its otherwise digital offerings to a brick-and-mortar outlet.

“I absolutely expect this to be used as a gateway to Prime,” Stephen Beck, the founder of management consultancy Cg42, told The Washington Post. “Movies and TV shows are some of the biggest reasons people sign up, and once they do their spending habits totally change.”

In other words, Amazon Prime films could soon make their way to the theater with package deals for Prime members. Just imagine a Movie Pass-type service, where your Prime membership gets you into movies without an additional ticket price. That would certainly be an excellent perk.

This could also signal a change for the types of content Amazon will be producing, which could become bigger, more blockbuster-like if it’s intended for theatrical release. Of course, this is all speculation until we learn more, but if there’s anything we can rely on when it comes to Amazon, it’s that the company is constantly evolving—and anything is possible.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: sabinevanerp via Pixabay



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