With Netflix taking home a record number of Emmy nominations and Disney getting ready to take the streaming video world by storm with its own subscription service, Amazon has apparently decided to up their game. There are some big changes coming to Amazon Prime Video and parents will hopefully be very happy.

While details over the Prime Video app makeover are under wraps, Amazon Studios head, Jennifer Salke, has given users a tease of what is to come. At a press conference Saike revealed that Amazon is working on a major revamp of the Prime Video app and she currently has a beta version on her own phone.

While she didn’t give details about when the changes would roll out or what exactly they would be, she did say that the new user interface will be “much more intuitive.” What that means remains to be seen, but there’s plenty of speculation.

Prime Video doesn’t feature separate user profiles—which its biggest competitor, Netflix, does— which means parents and kids must share the same content. This has always been a glaring problem because, despite being able to lock access certain shows with parental controls, adult content is still visible to younger users accessing the platform and there are no separated watch lists.

Another big issue is that Amazon Prime Video doesn’t offer suggested shows in the same way that Netflix and Hulu do. Rather than personalizing recommendations, the app simply has separate content categories—which means your kids likely go stumbling through a lot of less-than-quality programming to find new shows.

Both of these issues are likely to be addressed in the upgrade that will hopefully make Prime Video easier to navigate for households with kids—and we can’t wait to see the new look.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Unsplash


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