“Alexa, remind me to…” You’re probably already using the robotic assistant’s reminder feature to stay on top of the daily grind. Now there’s a new life hack courtesy of Amazon: you can assign reminders to other members of your household!

All you have to do is make sure your family members have Alexa profiles set up. Once that’s done, ask Alexa to remind Timmy to take out the trash or Sarah to schedule a school meeting. The reminder will pop up as a push notification on a phone at an exact time you specify.

You can also create recurring reminders to assign to others, like “Remind Connor to feed the dog twice a day.” Finally, you can specify relationships in the Alexa App, like nicknames or family titles, so it’s even easier to personalize reminders. Any member of your house can use reminder assignments, so don’t be surprised if you see push notifications pop up on your phone, too!

For more Alexa goodness, check out another recent update that lets you add Shaq or Melissa McCarthy to your device. And if your kids are on the younger side, Amazon recently released a new feature that allows Alexa to read with them!

—Sarah Shebek

All images courtesy of Amazon



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