Worried about when your much-needed Amazon delivery will make it to your door? Amazon has started notifying customers when their packages are about to arrive via text.

According to Business Insider, Amazon is testing a new service that will send text messages of delivery estimates to customers. It isn’t an exact time, but rather an estimated time frame. For example, a text might be sent to you in the morning on your delivery date notifying you that your package will be delivered by a certain time that day.

photo: Amazon

For now the feature is only in a testing phase so not all customers will have access to it. However, the best way to track the same-day status of your Amazon delivery is the live Map Tracking feature which can be accessed through the Amazon app. Using the feature you can begin tracking the progress of your delivery when the drive is 10 stops away.

This new text feature would simply add yet another level of information to the features that already exist, which include Amazon couriers sending images of your delivered packages.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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