UPS and FedEx may have dominated the delivery world for…well, kind of forever. But now we all need to get ready for a major change — Amazon will launch its own delivery service. This isn’t the first time that the online retailer is branching out into the delivery business. Amazon has already used drones for their 30-minute Prime Air service and hired their own delivery drivers through their “Amazon Flex” program.

photo: Amazon

So what’s so different this time? To start with, they’re looking to seriously undercut delivery giants UPS and FedEx, napping their customers and their corner on the market. And then there’s the delivery service itself. The new “Shipping with Amazon” delivery isn’t just for packages that you order online. Reportedly, they’ll pick up packages from third-party sellers and business and ship them straight to consumers.

Before you start trying to schedule deliveries through Amazon’s new delivery service, hold on just a moment. The service isn’t rolling out everywhere. At least, not yet. For now, Amazon’s plans are to start in LA, testing the service with third-party sellers only in the Los Angeles area only. If everything goes as planned, Amazon will eventually expand the service across the U.S. and open it up to other businesses (not just third-party Amazon sellers).

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—Erica Loop



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