photo: Pixabay

You already order from Amazon, so you don’t have to leave your home and drive to a store. Come on. Actually standing in line to pay for your box of modeling clay, wireless speakers or yoga pants? Who does that? Well, now the mega online retailer may be making it even easier to get your online orders delivered to your door. Scratch that. Make it to your trunk.

Yep. Amazon is in talks with smart license plate maker Phrame. Why? They want to bring you a click to trunk delivery service. That’s right, you order it and they bring it straight to your car.

If you’ve never heard of Phrame, they make a license plate device that allows other people (who you give permission to) to access it via an app. A partnership with Amazon means that delivery drivers would have temporary access to your trunk, and could leave your packages in it for you — when you’re not there.

Along with a smart trunk delivery service, it’s reported that Amazon has a “smart doorbell” indoor delivery in the works. This is after Walmart recently released their online order to refrigerator drop off service (sorry, it’s still in the test phase).

Keep in mind, these are just reports and it looks like Amazon is still just in talks with Phrame for now. But, this new service wouldn’t just be convenient. Nope. It’s also totally useful when it comes to preventing theft. If it comes to be, gone are the days when those lurking porch or stoop thieves can steal your packages before you get home.

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