Photo: Amazon

Tired of making shopping lists or clicking around grocery sites to find what you want?  This tiny personal assistant will make shopping faster, easierand it’s basically free!  Just take a look at all the Amazon Dash Wand can do:

Want something from AmazonFresh or  Talk to the wand or scan the barcode of a product you have, and it’ll use built-in Alexa service to order it for you. It can also help you with recipes, make conversions like cups to ounces, find nearby restaurants, discover deals and look up calorie counts.  It can even access smart home devices.  In short, it can be used for almost everything Amazon has except digital content like Kindle books, music, videos and apps.

If that’s not convenient enough, it’s water-resistant, magnetic and weighs just over an ounce, so you can stick it right to your fridge.  And yes, we said it’s free, because although it costs $20, Amazon will give you $20 off your next purchase after you register the device. You can also try AmazonFresh free for 90 days (normally $14.99 per month) if they serve your area.

With 5-star reviews from pilot-program testers, we’re putting on our robes and ready to shop.

Have your tried Amazon Echo or the Dash Wand?  Let us know what you think in the comments!