photo: Andy Nguyen via Flickr

Where do you turn when you’re in desperate need of a birthday gift for the party you forgot about this weekend? Amazon Prime, of course. Free shipping in two days can be a mom lifesaver, except for when the item you need isn’t eligible for Prime shipping. Now, Amazon is looking to increase the amount items you can get in a jiffy.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon is currently testing a private delivery service that would allow the company to deliver their own packages instead of relying on FedEx or UPS. With their own delivery company, Amazon would be able to pick up items from third-party sellers that are often not eligible for two-day shipping and deliver them directly to customers.

The new delivery service, which is currently being tested in some West Coast cities is called Seller Flex. Amazon has plans to expand the service nationwide by early 2018, not in time for the holiday season, but there’s always next year.

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