Does it seem like you’re cleaning your home more than ever? OnePoll recently conducted a survey on behalf of Bounty of 2,000 American’s cleaning habits pre- and during-pandemic times.

Pre-pandemic, Americans spent an average of five hours and 37 minutes per week cleaning. Now that everyone is more aware of the germs around them, Americans have added a whopping three hours and 12 minutes per week to this number. This means 71 percent of adults are spending more time cleaning than ever.

photo courtesy of SWNS

The survey’s cleaning statistics show that the average American has spent nearly three weeks cleaning in the past year. This equals 458 hours or 19 days!

Increased cleaning time isn’t the only issue the survey revealed. According to the OnePoll stats, 79 percent of people were more aware of bacteria and cleanliness in general after the pandemic started. Seventy-eight percent of respondents reported they were more aware of their own cleanliness.

The survey also revealed the home spaces and places Americans believe are the dirtiest. These include handles and knobs in the kitchen (44 percent) and kitchen hand towels (18 percent). Jessica Rivera, infectious disease expert said, “Used dishcloths can provide a flourishing environment for bacteria. And what many do not realize is, when you wipe up a mess or dry your hands with a used, reusable cloth, you may be helping to spread bacteria.”

When it comes to other “dirtiest” areas of the home, the survey revealed that Americans also ranked kitchen sponges, bathroom faucet handles, kitchen faucet handles, coffee makers and bottled water dispensers at the top of the list.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo Karolina Grabowska via Pexels



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