If it seems like the bump watch begins the moment any celeb announces her pregnancy…well, you’re not wrong. With one post Amy Schumer’s pregnancy became Instagram real, giving us all a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

Schumer’s IG post wasn’t exactly a sweet little dainty belly bump shot, nor was it one of those artsy-looking Instas that features some celeb’s glowing and likely airbrushed body posed in a way that covers everything she doesn’t want to expose. Nope. In true Schumer style, her bump “reveal” post was real, rad and totally relatable.

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Wearing sweets, Schumer poses while casually lifting up her top. Instead of baring a glistening belly, the IRL shot shows Schumer’s big ol’ belly band. (That is, the band is big—not Schumer’s still-growing belly, just so we’re clear.)

Of course this isn’t the first time that mama-to-be has shared a post that we totally relate to. Schumer recently shared a pic of herself leaning over a toilet, with the words “MILF alert” to her Instagram Story. The actress compared the mid-morning sickness photo to Meghan Markle’s seemingly stylish pregnancy, adding, “Today Markle is in Fiji #same.”

But perhaps Schumer’s “realest” Insta was the moment she saw her baby for the first time on ultrasound. Have a tissue handy, even with her funny quip as she watches her baby move around on the screen:

We’re seriously hoping that Schumer’s comedic genius keeps on coming—via her pregnancy photos and videos. We’ll take Schumer’s just-like-us pics any day of the week!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Amy Schumer via Instagram 



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