We are thrilled to share this creative art project idea with Red Tricycle readers from Jen Berlingo over at paintcutpaste.com. Jen, who is working towards a national art therapist certification as well as towards becoming a licensed California counselor, started blogging about the art projects she would plan out and do with her daughter. Her limitless ideas have inspired us to bust out the crayons, scissors and glue more often. Search her archives for projects appropriate for younger kids—she dug this old favorite out of storage for us:

There’s something so satisfying about peeling away artist’s tape from the paper’s border when a piece of art is finished. I always tape off the edges of my paper when I watercolor or use chalk pastels in my own art, and I’ve discovered that it really bumps up the level of sophistication for  kid art, too.

I just wanted to share the technique, as it creates a wonderful container for the scribbles of your wee littles. Using watercolor tape ($$), blue painter’s tape ($), or masking tape ($), you can tape around the border of a piece of paper, or divide a large sheet of paper up into several sections. (You’re paying for a gratifying peel-away without ripping your paper.)

Let the coloring begin! Coloring up to and across the borders makes a really great effect. here, Novi colored with crayola washable markers and crayons.

It’s as if they’re already matted. All you need now is a frame (or a clothespin!)