From one working mom to another: you’ve got this.

I don’t know how we do it. We spend nights caring for our sick babies and kids and then wake up early enough to get ourselves ready before we dive into our work email inboxes.

We take the time–during the workday–to sit on the floor with our little ones to play a game or complete a puzzle. We make sure that our kids eat their meals, often forgetting to feed ourselves until our stomachs growl so loudly. We make sure that our relationship with our partner or spouse is still strong, even though there are days when you just want to tear each other apart.

“You have the luxury of being at home with your little one while you work.” Yes, and us work-from-home moms love this, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Mom guilt comes into play: wanting to devote 100 to work and 100 to your kiddo is tough. To moms like me: I salute you.

To the moms who drop their little ones at daycare then head off to work and countdown the hours and minutes until you get to pick up your little nugget: I salute you. I don’t know how you do it.

To the moms who work a full eight-hour day, come home to their children, cook, clean and spend quality time with everyone: I salute you.

To the creative moms who can only find time to work on their projects while their little one’s asleep: I salute you.

To the first-time moms and new-again moms, I just want to remind you that you’ve got this.

To the moms who just need a minute to cry it out, remember that you’ve got this, too.

This post originally appeared on Made To Mommy.