Dear TV,

Some people call you a babysitter. They say that sitting a toddler in front of you is a no-no, that using you to keep kids quiet is up there with giving babies iPhones to quell crying fits.

But I just wanted to say: thank you.

You, my dear TV, allow me to cook dinner without having to leave a hot stovetop to scoop my Two-year-old off the floor, post somersault. You, my beloved friend, give me time to put my younger child to sleep without worrying that the aforementioned two-year-old will bang a few keys and somehow reprogram my computer while I’m gone. Because of you, I can take a shower during the daytime.

Sure, research says you contribute to ADHD. And yes, my kid throws tantrums when I turn you off, some of them so extreme that I think he’d rather spend his time with you than just about anything.

But… I still love you.

I just thought you should know.

See you tonight!




Featured Photo Courtesy: mojzagrebinfo/Pixabay