It’s another girl for Andy Grammer and his wife Aijia who are about to become a family four.

The singer-songwriter revealed the exciting news on his Instagram feed with a photo of the couple and their two-year-old daughter Louisiana K dressed up as an ’80s hair band with the caption, “WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL AND I AM INSANELY, WILDLY, HYPERVENTILATINGLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.”

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WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL AND I AM INSANELY, WILDLY, HYPERVENTILATINGLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. There is quite literally NOTHING I want to invest my time and life in more then another little girl. Me and @aijiaofficial are getting another opportunity to raise a strong, playful, empowered little lady. I’ve been getting this question a lot on tour, “What is your favorite part about being a dad?” My answer is usually in 2 parts. 1. Being in a state of infinite love. The love is so immense you couldn’t possibly experience it all. I feel like I am overflowing anytime I’m with her. It’s like God gives you a bucket to catch love with (your heart), and when you have a baby it just starts raining love… 2. The profound responsibility of being the door and representative of a whole gender to my little girl. (Now girls 😮😮😮😮😮😮) A big part of making headway in the equality of men and women on this planet rests on the relationship of Fathers and Daughters. I look forward to trying to be a better example of men to both of them. Also, I love the idea that at some point in her life she will be in a conversation with someone and they’ll ask, “what’s your family like? And her response will be, (pulling up this photo) “Well this is the photo of how they announced me being born 🙄…” Also in school they will be called “The Grammer Girls”. Also my house is going to have way to much estrogen send help. TO MY NEW LITTLE DAUGHTER EN ROUTE WE LOVE YOU INFINITELY AND CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU AND LOVE YOU AND GROW WITH YOU. . . . 📸: @jenrosenstein

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Mom Aijia was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum according to PEOPLE and she is just beginning to feel better. “The last four months were not my best season. We’ve had so much help from family and friends, and my mom lives next door,” says Aijia, who’s also a singer. “It’s been a strange thing for me to have music coming out and all these beautiful things on social media, but I’m secretly in the bathroom puking my guts out.”

Big sis Louisiana K is already excited about gaining a sister. “She’s getting it! She’ll start poking at my belly, waiting for the baby to come,” Aijia told PEOPLE. “She’ll be the perfect sister.”

As for dad, he is more than excited over the notion that he will be surrounded by nothing but girls. “Growing up, I was super jock and very rough-and-tumble. My mom used to joke and say, ‘You’re going to have all girls!’ ” he says. “My mom passed away 10 years ago, so I’m sure that she has her hand in making sure that [happened].”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Andy Grammer via Instagram



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