Calling all emoji enthusiasts, users and over-users––it’s that time of year again! World Emoji Day has come and gone—and in it’s wake Apple recently previewed a super-sized selection of what’s to come.

So what can you expect from your iOS device’s emoji options this fall? According to Apple the new emojis will, “Bring even more diversity to the keyboard, alongside fun and exciting additions to popular categories of food, animals, activities and smiley faces.”

With 59 new emojis set to hit iPhones, iPads and iEverythings for the fall 13.0 update, it looks like Apple is seriously focusing on inclusion. The often-used Holding Hands emoji will get an update, allowing users to select from 75 combinations of skin tones and genders.

The new emojis will also include accessibility-themed additions, such as a prosthetic arm, prosthetic leg, a new guide dog, wheelchairs and an ear with a hearing aid.

Other emojis to look forward to this fall include an all-new yawning smiley face, a one-piece swimsuit, waffles, falafel, butter and garlic. And if you’re all about animals, Apple will unveil a new sloth, flamingo, skunk and orangutan.

—Erica Loop

Photos: Courtesy of Apple



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