Becoming a parent means you’ll be relying on an entire village to help you navigate the world of babies and kids. Lucky for you, there’s a whole slew of apps from infant to school years to help along the way. From managing and sharing baby photos with family and friends to connecting with a new community of moms, here are some of the best apps for parents.


Peanut is a social networking app for current and soon-to-be moms so they can connect with other mamas. Sync up with women in the same life stage to share tips like how to keep kids entertained and balancing work and life. Peanut has also created a resource for users to contact those around them using free Community Postcards. Simply use the code HERE4YOU to get a 20-pack with free shipping. Fill out the postcard with your contact information and marl which services you can spare time to help out with like late night chat sessions or help with collecting supplies in your community.

Available on Google Play and the Apple App store.


The Tinybeans platform was founded by entrepreneurs with young kids and offers parents a private space to share photos, milestones and other moments with their children amongst family and friends in a private social network. The app is a modern day baby book at parents fingertips that helps save them time, with the primary advantage for parents not having to give away ownership of the images and videos they post. The app itself, also includes additional privacy features not typical of larger social media sites.

You can download and sign up for Tinybeans here to receive a free, three-month premium trial (the code will be automatically applied). Or, if you want to share this offer with your family and friends, they can use this code when signing up to upgrade to a premium membership: RedTricycle3Months. This offer is valid through 12/31/2020 and is for new Tinybeans users only.

Available on the Apple App store and Google Play.

Busy Kid

BusyKid, the brainchild of a father of six, is the world's first online platform that allows kids to earn, spend, invest, and save their allowance. It's a virtual chore chart, really. Parents upload chores (based on age) to the app and to each kid's profile, the kids check off the ones they've completed, and then they're paid via the app. It's possible for kids to make charitable donations, invest in stock and stash away for big purchases. 

Available for download at iTunes or Google Play, $14.95 (after the free trial) for a year for the whole family. 

Wolf + Friends

Becoming a new parent isn't easy and combined with special needs, it's a whole new ballgame. That's why we love Wolf + Friends, a brand-new app that's creating a community for parents of kids with special needs. The app focuses on the life-long journey parents will have, and offers everything from relevant news, stylish and shoppable products and best of all, advice from child development specialists to help children with anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing issues, developmental delays, mental health issues, giftedness, autism, and other learning differences, thrive at home, at school—and in the world.  

Available at iTunes, free. 

Moshi Twilight

With calming audio stories and guided relaxations, Moshi Twilight helps kids find a healthy nighttime routine. The stories are set in a dreamy world, and the lulling voices help little dreamers nod off. Perfect for kids learning to sleep through the night, or how to sleep alone, this award-winning app is worth downloading. 

Available at iTunesGooglePlay and Amazon App Store.

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Now that your sweet bundle has arrived, you'll want to know where the best bargain on diapers and food can be found. That's where Basket comes in handy. This crowdsourcing app searches nearby stores to see which one carries your total cheapest list. By allowing you to compare online and in-store prices (which vary from 30 to 40% each week), you'll be able to decide where to spend your hard-earned cash. 

Available on iTunes and Google Play, Free. 

Baby and Child First Aid

When it comes to tackling family health and wellness, proper preparation and education are often more than half the battle. The British Red Cross has developed a clever app, Baby and Child First Aid, that’s chockfull of useful video tutorials and easy-to-follow advice that cover what to do when various ailments or medical crises arise. The app also lets parents record their child’s medication needs, and includes a list of tips and a handy checklist. While the emergency numbers in the app are for UK users, the information and advice are useful to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Available for iOS and Android, Free.

Mark All Those Moments with Babypics

If you haven’t yet, you are going to be taking hundreds of pictures. In a week. Here’s how you’re going to manage it: Babypics. Capture all the precious moments, mark them with beautifully crafted artwork and words. With an array of custom features, including filters and milestone markers, you can create, save, share and order prints with just a tap.

On iOS and Google Play. $2.99

photo: Baby Monitor 3G

HD Baby Watching: Baby Monitor 3G

This HD- quality video and baby monitor for your phone, tablet or computer allows you to hear every noise, stream live video and even comfort your baby remotely.

Currently available for iOS users here and Android users on Google play here. $3.99

Learn more at

Play It Safe: MommyMeds

Not sure what medication is okay to take when you are pregnant or nursing, or how much? This app from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will help you figure it out. Just search or scan the barcodes of thousands of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter and find clear, drug and safety recommendations and ingredients.  

Available for iOS and Google Play. $3.99

Create a DIY Baby Monitor: Cloud Baby Monitor

Visiting grandma but forgot the baby monitor? No problem. Download the Cloud Baby Monitor app and put your iPad, laptop or iPhone next to your little love. Then use your partners iPhone or another device as the parent unit for secure streaming of your hopefully sleeping baby. It will also send you notifications of motion or sound changes. Want to attempt to soothe Baby from afar? Use the app to play lullabies, white noise or talk to Baby. This app is also a great sub for those times when your regular monitor is out of range (we mean working in the garden people, not running out to the grocery store).

Available on, $3.99.

Help Baby Sleep with White Noise Baby

With more sounds than the average white noise machine and go-anywhere ease, the White Noise Baby app wins our vote for drowning out outside sounds when Baby is trying to snooze. It includes 20 soothing ambient sounds to help you—uh, we mean your baby—snooze. Choose from options like traditional white noise to “truck ride” or “vacuum cleaner,” there is something to soothe all sleepers. There is even a timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you can sneak your phone back once baby drifts off and if you leave your device in the nursery, you can set it up to come back on when crying is detected.

Available on, $0.99; and, free.

Track Baby's Every Move with Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby is a do everything baby app. Not only will it keep you posted on the latest developmental feats your baby should be going through at every stage, but also it lets you track your baby's specific milestones with photos and journal entries and track everything from feedings to growth. You can also track health records and generate a report to share with your doctor during visits.

Available on, free.

Find Trusted Baby Advice at Your Fingertips with BabyCenter

When you have a baby, suddenly everyone from your mom to the lady at the grocery store is an expert. BabyCenter’s Your Baby Today app puts their (less annoying) expert advice in the palm of your hand. No need to thumb through heavy books, this app keeps you on top of important developmental milestones, health and safety advice and even suggests age-appropriate activities for each week. Now who’s the expert, huh?

Available on, free; and, free.

Nursing Help in Seconds: Baby Nursing App

Breastfeeding can be complicated enough at the start. Did they latch? Football or cradle hold? Which side did they eat last? When did you eat last? Nipple confusion? How about mom confusion. Don’t stress. The Baby Nursing app tracks their latest feeding time, which side and for how long they ate, bottle feeding records, sleep and more. It logs all the information in handy dandy nursing history logs, which you can share with your doc (or whomever else cares to ask) and look like a total pro.

Available on, free.

WebMD: Your Source for Solid Health Info

The WebMD app includes a lot of the same features other baby apps do: sleep tracker, diaper tracker and a feeding/nursing tracker. But the big difference here is the content. The app is a fantastic resource for new parents featuring a wealth of medically-approved content on week-by-week development, milestones, doctor visits, emergencies, baby care and more.

Available on, free; and, free.

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

The newborn stage is all about eating and sleeping (and pooping). So the Eat Sleep app tracks all of that for you in detail. Log bottles and breastfeedings. Clock in times that baby sleeps and wakes (you may even start to see a pattern one day!). And watch those dirty diapers to ensure your little is eating enough.

Available on, free.

A Must for Pumping Moms: Milk Maid

If you'll be pumping a lot, whether back at work or at home, Milk Maid will help you stay organized. Not only does it track when, how much and how long you're pumping, but it also can calculate whether or not your current stash will cover your next business trip.

Available on, $2.99.

Up Your Photo Game with Snapseed

You take dozens of photos daily, or maybe even hourly, and for those priceless keepers, giving them a quick edit will make them even better. Snapseed is an easy-to-use photo editor even for not so savvy users. Quick swipes can adjust brightness, contrast, color and more. This app can also rescue any money shots that just happened to be taken in bad lighting.

Available on, free; and, free.

–Julie Seguss, Phebe Wahl & Karly Wood

Feature photo: Matthew Henry via Burst



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