Mondays, amirite? Getting out the door on time and with the least amount of stress possible is sometimes easier said than done. For busy parents and active kids, saving a few precious minutes in the morning can mean the difference between having a great day or having a blah day. Check out our roundup of some of the smartest and most convenient apps that’ll help take you from bleary-eyed to raring-to-go!

Unfilth Your Habitat

If you lack the motivation or the time to get your messy house in order, UfYH is an app that will provide some tough love to push you to “unfilth” your domicile. But instead of the word “filth,” the app uses lots of decidedly R-rated language to help you get your clean on. With timed challenges and customizable features, UfYH makes a raucous and raunchy game out of housecleaning, a few minutes at a time. Random motivators will remind you that your excuses are boring (because they probably are).

Using a combination of a little guilt, a little shame, and a little swearing, the app could be the kick in the pants that a harried parent needs to clean up. Fair warning: the app drops quite a few f-bombs and is intended for mature users with a sense of humor.

$0.99 on iTunes and Google Play

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—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng