photo: Toys”R”Us

Your kiddo is all about Santa bringing Fingerlings this year. Umm, yeah. So is everyone else’s child. And that’s why you started scouring the internet for the super-hot toy. As it turns out, your internet search might not pay off. Why not? Check out what some parents who bought Fingerlings from third-party sellers are finding out.

You may think that they’re real, but if you order Fingerlings from a third-party seller (you know, the ones that are on Amazon or eBay) you might not be getting what you pay for. Scratch that, you might not get anything at all. Parents across the country have been ordering Fingerlings from third-parties and never seeing the beloved toys.

WowWee, the company behind the real Fingerlings toys, doesn’t want you to get taken by counterfeit third-party sellers. And that’s why they’ve filed a federal lawsuit against 165 sellers. Richard Yanofsky, WowWee CEO, said (about the counterfeit issue), “WowWee operates under a Zero Tolerance Policy, and as such, is dedicated to protecting our customers and will continue to aggressively pursue counterfeiters manufacturing and selling unauthorized Fingerlings products.”

How can you protect yourself, and your purchase, from the third-party counterfeit dilemma? WowWee’s Fingerlings website has information on the legitimate sellers and where to purchase the real deal. If the toys look real, but aren’t listed as a retail partner, don’t buy them. Even though this might mean your child has to wait, that’s better than losing your money or getting fake Fingerlings.

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