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HELP! Overwhelmed with Kid Art?

Artimus Art can help.

Kids produce a LOT of artwork in the early years. So what do parents do with it all?

I launched Artimus Art back in 2008 to help parents find the best alternative to tossing kids’ artwork or storing it for decades.

Turn all the artwork into an amazing archival book.

A book of your child’s artwork gives kids a true sense of accomplishment that their masterpieces are published. They will be so excited to show their own book to everyone with pride. It’s a confidence builder for kids and a great solution for parents #nomoreguilt. #Think Tidy!

  • For a $30 deposit, Artimus Art will send you our art collection box with return shipping label to make it easy to get started.
  • We turn the artwork into a professional digital file and upload it to an online gallery.
  • You then log on and build your book in a super easy format.

End of school is almost here and having the box ready, allows parents to decide what goes in the box and book and what doesn’t.

Dana Hostage, Founder

-from Dana Hostage, Artimus Art
Phone: 978-325-3800
Online: http://www.artimusart.com


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