The Disney princesses kind of rule your house. Whether your kiddo is dressing up like one of them, watching one of their movies on an infinitely repeating loop or singing their songs, it’s all princesses all the time. So, you’re used to seeing the princesses as they’ve been drawn by Disney. Some of them are…umm, less than modern. What if the princesses could be reimagined as modern-day versions of themselves? Well, a Chilean digital artist has given some of them a 2017 makeover.

Artist Fernanda Suarez started updating the Disney princesses last July. Since then, she’s re-created seven of the classic fan favorites. Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and Snow White have all gotten major upgrades. These pretty princesses look kind of fierce with their 2017 style.

If you’ve ever tried to imagine what these lovely ladies would look life if they were today’s teens, now’s your chance. Suarez’s Instagram page is getting major views now that her amazing illustrations have taken social media by storm.

Instead of those same old pretty, pretty princess pics, these are edgy, modern and totally beautiful (in an, “I’m taking on the world” type of way).

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