Do you have a little princess in your midst?  If she’s missing her respective tiara, we have just the thing for her. Get together and have some fun creating one of a kind cupcake headbands. They’re ideal for the cupcake queen in your family, and a perfectly creative way to pass the time on these rainy winter days.

What You’ll Need:
-A cute headband


-Super glue or hot glue gun

-A plastic bottle cap

-Felt fabric or cosmetic cotton pads

-Small beads and sequins

What To Do:
Step 1. Take a length of ribbon in the color you want the base of your cupcake to be. Glue one end of the ribbon to the inside of plastic bottle cap. Then start wrapping the ribbon around the bottle cap as shown below.

Step 2. Keep wrapping until the whole bottle cap is covered. Cut off the excess ribbon and secure the end by gluing or sewing a few stitches. Now you have the base of the cupcake! The exposed edges of the ribbons resemble the folds in a cupcake liner

Step 3. Take the felt or cotton pads and cut them into 5 or so circles. The biggest circle should be around the same size as the base, and each successive one is slightly smaller. These will become the top of the cupcake.

Step 4. Arrange the felt/cotton circles from biggest to smallest, adjusting their sizes if needed. When the pile of circles look like icing on a cupcake, glue them together.

Step 5. Decorate your cupcake! Glue beads, sequins, and anything else you like to the top of your cupcake.

Step 6. Assemble your cupcake by gluing the base and the top together. Your cupcake is now finished!

Step 7. Attach the cupcake to the headband. You can glue it, or, if you want to use the cupcake later for something else, pass a ribbon through one of the ribbons on the base and tie it to the headband.

Audrey Davidow is a cupcake-obsessed mom and writer living in Los Angeles. You can buy her book entitled CoCo Levine, Cupcake Queen: Fabulous Adventures in Cooking, Crafting and Friendship here.