Parenting is dangerous work—at least for Ashton Kutcher. While on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the actor opened up about a recent kid carrying-related injury!

Kutcher’s kiddos, like many of our children, prefer to sleep with mom and dad. But the actor and wife Mila Kunis aren’t into the idea. When four-year-old daughter Wyatt made her way into the couple’s bedroom, Kutcher scooped her up and carried her back to her own room. At least, he attempted to.

After picking up his daughter, Kutcher realized his leg had fallen asleep. With only one steady leg, the actor tripped and fell over—breaking his toe. Kutcher told Kelly and Ryan, “And I’m on the ground and I’m like, ‘Um, Babe, I think you need to take Wyatt to bed.'”

The actor/dad continued, “And so she comes around and she takes her to bed, and I don’t want to turn the lights on because I’m afraid of what I’m gonna see.”

Even though his toe was clearly broken, the late-night timing made a trip to urgent care a non-option. So what did the actor do? Kutcher revealed that he did, “The Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon thing and just kinda like put it back on.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Live with Kelly and Ryan via YouTube



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