When you step on that pointy little LEGO brick hiding in plain sight on the living room floor, there are likely a ton of expletives you can conjure up to shout out. But as a parent you want to censor little listeners from those four-letter words. Ashton Kutcher has a clever parenting hack to avoid saying bad words and you might want to break it out the next time you encounter a LEGO.

Dad of two, Kutcher recently revealed his interesting trick for preventing those unsavory words from slipping out––he self-censors. As the actor demonstrated to The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, he leaves a pause in the sentence where an expletive might be.

He rolled out his made-for-tv trick and Fallon instantly picked up on it, exclaiming “I love that you just censored yourself. That’s amazing. No one’s ever done that!” And of course Ashton responded, “I have children.”

They then proceed to have a completely self-censored, expletive-filled conversation and it’s gold. Watch it a few times and you’ll be able to pick up the hack yourself… or just enjoy the laughs.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Tonight Show via YouTube



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