photo: daily sunny via Flickr

Sometimes you see the signs, but other times your toddler seems to be happy and laughing, then suddenly: tantrum mode! How can you calm the storm?

The reason for the breakdown doesn’t matter, Bright Side suggests. Whatever it is, save your breath from scolding. Instead, in a calm and caring manner, ask them the right question:

Is it a big problem, a small problem or a middle-sized problem?

Imagine your little one is getting wound up because a friend doesn’t want to share a toy with them. Don’t wait until the screams are out of control. Ask your child the question right away, and when they reply, suggest thinking about the solution together. Can they show you another toy they like? What game can they play together?

Children’s psychologists explain there are three basic reasons why this question calms kids down:

1. They see we accept and respect their feelings.

2. It makes them stop to think and assess the situation.

3. You invite the child to try and solve the problem themselves.

By asking this question and calmly talking with your wee one, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress, and will also gain their confidence.

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