It’s always a bad idea when a little kid tries to give himself a haircut. But it’s even more of a bad idea when a little kid decides to give himself a haircut so he can post a “tutorial” to YouTube.

It all went horribly wrong for this adorable barber-in-training, who confidently greets the camera by saying, “Hi guys, welcome. I’m going to cut my own hair.”

He’s got some practice, he says, because he’s already cut his dad’s hair. So, electric razor in hand, he plugs in and sets to his own locks.

The big fail happens about four seconds after he says, “Let’s get started.”

And it’s bad. Really bad.

“Oh my god,” he says as he runs his hand over his work. “I’m going to be the funniest kid on the planet.”

(At least the kid’s got a sense of humor.)

Click below to watch the video.

Has your child ever cut his or her own hair? Did you capture a picture of it? Share your comments and photos below.