Maybe it is because they never stop moving themselves, but for whatever the reason, your little engine that could just loves things that go. If trucks and trains send your transportation-loving tot into a five-alarm fit, consider booking one for their next birthday. Whether it is a firetruck with sirens flashing or a trackless Thomas, here are some Atlanta trains and trucks for hire to get your party on track. All aboard!


Red Hot Fire Truck Events 
Trust us when we tell you that your kiddo is going to lose his mind with excitement when the fire truck shows up with sirens blaring and lights flashing for his party! The folks at Red Hot Fire Trucks put on a fun filled party. After the kiddos take a ride, they can dress up in firefighter gear and shoot water from the fire hose. The can even sound the sirens and blow the horn, yes your neighbors are going to love you!

Good to know: If you’re looking to treat the kids even more, there are plenty of add on’s available including, fire hats and fire gear for sale, a piñata and fire safety themed goodie bags for the guests.

J & S Funtastic Entertainment
This cute and colorful trackless train will keep the fun and festivities on track. The kiddos will love its very Thomas the Train like face and at $175.00 for the first hour and $100.00 each additional hour, you will appreciate its very reasonably priced package.

Good to know: This train can hold up to 18 passengers at once, cutting down on wait time. Your price includes delivery and a train operator.

Action Packed Parties
An Atlanta source for everything you could possible need for parties, from tables and chairs to rock climbing walls (yes, you can rent those), Action Packed Parties also has one of our favorite trackless trains. This train is unique because it is electric, and therefore quiet—well, except for the music and giggling kiddos. Because it’s electric, there are no icky fumes to inhale and it can even be taken inside a large church or school.

Good to know: They will often discount rentals when you are renting more than one product. Consider adding a cotton candy machine or a snow cone maker to the mix.

Idea! Event + Style
Still want to provide the little one with some truck and train thrills, but looking to keep it chic? If you want to create the Pinterest party of your dreams, but you just don’t know where to begin, dial up Atlanta event and style guru Jasmine Shah. She can work with you to create a party full of the sweet details moms love, plus the fun and adventure the kiddos love. The icing on the birthday cake? She handles it all so all you have to do on the big day is actually enjoy spending time with the little ones!

Good to know: Her Vintage Fire Truck package might be just what you are looking for, but note that everything is completely customizable so you can be sure it is suited to your little fire chief.


Have you hired a trackless train or truck for your event? Share your story with us in the comments section below.

—Candice Rose

Photos courtesy of Red Hot Fire Truck Events via Facebook and Action Packed Parties