In celebration of National Hamburger Day on May 28th, we grilled our gang for who has the best burgers in town. A constant kid classic, burgers never get old. New spots are popping up by the month. So, we decided to scout the city for the best burger joints, and here’s who topped the list:


Holeman & Finch Public House
Home of the burger everyone’s always raving about, Holeman & Finch is your destination for a funky brunch with the family. The double patty perfected situated between the best two pieces of fresh baked bread that will ever touch your tastebuds is enough to share with your kiddo and still leave full. But, get there early. The Burger is quite coveted and they’ve been known to run out.

anns snack bar yelp young j

Ann’s Snack Bar
Two words: ghetto burger. Big, juicy, Ann’s gets it right. And, oh, the smell when you walk in. This Kirkwood gem is everything a burger dive should be. Not only do the burgers have character, but your little ones will be thoroughly entertained by the culture and people watching the location has to offer. Be sure to say hi to Ms. Ann!

farm burger yelp christopher o

Farm Burger
Grass-fed beef? Check. Organic toppings? Check. Pimento cheese fries, fried okra, sweet potato hush puppies – at Farm Burger, you just can’t go wrong. In fact, much of it is even paleo. Their affordable and health-conscious menu is a winner for families with dietary restrictions. For just $5 little farmers can craft their own pint size burgers, complimented by their drink of choice and fries.

grindhouse yelp andrew h

Grindhouse Killer Burgers
If you’re a fan of Five Guys, you’ll worship these guys. It’s rumored that the guy in the kitchen with long dreads is some sort of genius burger engineer. In an ode to the good ‘ole days, the beef is 100% certified angus and the décor feels like Stevie Nicks singing Happy Days.  The fried pickles and cheese balls are not to be missed, either. (Tell your little bits they can thank us later!)

ssam burger yelp daniel b

Ssam Burger
Asian fusion is everything. Really, it is. Combing the flavors of Asia with American soul, Ssam is perfect when you’re craving something timeless with an original twist. A Korean BBQ patty? Who knew. From the Seoul to Saigon burger, we were hardpressed to find anyone that didn’t wish they discovered this place sooner. Use this place to introduce your pickiest eater to something other than macaroni and cheese, and she’ll leave asking for more Aloha burger and Lotus fries.

illegal food yelp steven l

Illegal Food
Sharing a location with barcade (bar + arcade) Joystick, Illegal Food is the burger joint for hipster parents and their little ones. Burgers aren’t just the specialty items here. With the exception of a few yummy fry plates, they account for the entire menu. From handcrafted beef patties to fresh cut potatoes, everything is fresh and made to order. No worries, though. The laid back vibe of vintage Pac-Man and dark cherry leather sofas is definitely hipster kid-friendly. And, if you’ve ever wondered what a glazed Krispy Kreme donut bun tastes like, don’t sleep on the O.D.B.

Did we miss a spot? Tell us who you think serves the best burger in Atlanta in the comments section below!

—Nicole Williams

Photos courtesy of Win Jin G., Young J., Christopher O., Daniel B., Andrew H.  and Steven L. via Yelp