You’ve got them garbed, painted, and prepped. You’ve got candy, flashlights, and an emergency separation plan. It’s Halloween, and now all you need is a great neighborhood to turn them loose to trick-or-treat. Lucky for you, we know which streets have frights, delights, and plenty of fun. Keep reading for our favorite spots, guaranteed to get your little ghouls grabbing for more, more, more!

Photo: Sarah V. via Yelp

Inman Park

With streets of Victorian houses (not so spooky any other time of the year, but really—have you ever seen a haunted house that’s not a Victorian?), Inman Park is the perfect backdrop for trick-or-treating. The neighborhood takes decorating for Halloween seriously, so expect some legitimately spooky displays, but it’s a fun and safe environment suitable for some serious fun. Start on Sinclair Ave. or Elizabeth St., Atlanta, Ga 30307

Photo: Andre Chinn via Flickr

Virginia Highland

Not far from Inman Park, you’ll find elaborately decorated homes, sidewalks, and plenty or streetlights in Virgnia Highland. Just steer clear of North Highland Ave., as its restaurants and bars are a favorite among adult revelers, and might get a little scary (and loud, and congested) for the kiddos. Start at Barnett St. and Adair Ave., Atlanta, Ga 30306

Photo: Just Jennifer via Flickr 

Historic Brookhaven

While the homes in Historic Brookhaven are a bit more spread out, the streets in this beautiful neighborhood are easy to navigate and are filled with little trick-or-treaters every Halloween. Start at East Brookhaven Dr. and East Club Ln.

Photo: Jencu via Flickr

Garden Hills

This Buckhead neighborhood has closely spaced homes, which means you can cover more ground, quickly. With pretty streets that wind through several parks and green spaces, this neighborhood gets into the spirit of the season. Expect decorations and lots of people. Start at Boling Rd. and Acorn Ave., Atlanta, Ga 30305

Photo: Colleen McMahon via Flickr

Haynes Manor

Another Buckhead neighborhood located on both sides of Peachtree Battle Ave., between Northside and Peachtree Rd., the crowning glory of Halloween includes a house that sets up carnival games, rides, and live entertainment on its lawn (expect to pay admission, which will be donated to the homeowner’s charity of choice each year). Every home gets decked out, and Goosebumps recently even chose this neighborhood to film their trick-or-treating scene. Start at Dellwood Dr. and Peachtree Battle Ave. 30305

Photo: Steven Depolo via Flickr

Chastain Park

With a streets that are closed to vehicles, food trucks, and even one of Atlanta’s best playgrounds (in case the kiddos need a break from the action), this neighborhood is prime trick-or-treat real estate. Start at Broadland Rd. and Hillside Dr. 30342

Photo: City of Avondale Estates

Avondale Estates

On Halloween night, the City of Avondale closes some of its streets, issues a detailed safety map for trick-or-treaters, and awards homeowners City of Avondale Estates Halloween Spirit Awards for best decorations, scariest, most creative, and best decor for kids. Start on Clarendon Pl., Avondale Estates, Ga 30002

—Shelley Massey