Summer is just around the corner and kids are counting down the minutes until it’s time to hop in the pool or head to the beach. As we gear up for warm-weather fun, it’s the perfect time for children to strengthen swimming skills or get started with swim lessons.

May is National Water Safety Month, and it’s an important reminder to ensure your children know how to stay safe both in and around the water. From babies to big kids, it’s never too early (or too late) to become a strong, confident swimmer.

Big Blue Swim School helps families build the critical skills kids need to be safe in the water. Learn more about Big Blue Swim School in Chicago and Atlanta!

Drowning is the number one cause of unintentional injury-related death for children age 1-4 and can happen in less than 60 seconds. Most drownings happen during the height of the summer swim season from June to August, and according to the CDC, almost 1,000 U.S. children drowned in 2017. Even non-fatal drowning accidents can have long-term effects, including severe brain damage, long-term memory problems and learning disabilities.

The good news is that swimming lessons and family water safety help reduce the risk of drowning. Taking part in formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning by 88 percent.

To prevent tragedy, the American Red Cross recommends every family member learn to swim and be able to do each of these safely:

  • Enter the water
  • Get a breath
  • Stay afloat
  • Change position
  • Swim a distance
  • Get out of the water

Big Blue Swim School is committed to teaching kids these six skills as part of their approach to learning to swim. With four levels of curriculum spanning 10 levels of instruction, each child moves up to the next level once they achieve the skills required, not when they complete a set number of classes. The friendly, professional swim instructors make learning fun. Progress is always celebrated, encouraging kids to overcome their fears and feel proud of their achievements.

Water safety requires teamwork, and Big Blue Swim School prioritizes working with parents to ensure their child’s safety in and out of the water.

While spending time by the water with your family this summer, keep Big Blue Swim School’s L.A.P.S. reminders top of mind:

Lifeguards are not babysitters
Always designate a Water Watcher
Protect yourself and your kids by wearing life jackets
Swim with a buddy

Busy parents love the ease of using Big Blue’s mobile app to schedule swimming lessons. Big Blue’s schedule allows families with multiple kids to schedule all their lessons at the same time, regardless of skill level. The app also makes self-check-in screening a breeze. Big Blue follows expansive COVID-19 protocols, continually monitoring CDC guidelines and state and local regulations. All locations ensure social distancing and enhanced cleaning.

Sign up for your family’s first lesson at Big Blue Swim School and have a fun, safe summer!