Dads are like magicians. They can turn a tantrum into a tickle-fest, MacGyver a broken Barbie back to life, and can heal a boo-boo with a single smooch. There are cool dads all over Atlanta and we wanted to share a few that we think are pretty awesome. These dads juggle everything from brain surgery to building fashion brands all while making sure not to miss Saturday waffles. Here are eight papas that make Atlanta proud.

Charles Brewer

A father of three, Charles Brewer is dedicated to his community. The MindSpring founder is the man behind the “new urbanism” and green development of places like Glenwood Park. The forward-thinking father always has a new project in the works, and we applaud his efforts to keep the air a bit cleaner for all of our kids.

Who do you think is a cool dad in Atlanta? Tell us who and why in the comments section below!

–Phebe Wahl

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