We’ve found it—the perfect fishing-related experience for families—and it’s only a short drive from Atlanta and doable in a day. The Buford Trout Hatchery rears brown trout and rainbow trout to be stocked in Georgia waterways, ranging in size from just a few inches long to more than 10 pounds. A weekly guided tour turns this exciting adventure into an educational one, and while visitors can no longer fish in the on-site pond, trout anglers can park outside the hatchery fence and walk around its perimeter to fish in the Chattahoochee River. Sound like a perfect day for your awesome anglers? Read on for everything you need to know before you go.


Photo: S. Massey

The Nursery

What exactly does a trout nursery look like, you might ask? Imagine a field with rows of low concrete pools where fish are separated by size, and with large bubblers at one end. The pools are the perfect height for little lookers, and with relatively shallow water—about two feet in each one—there’s no chance you’ll pay a visit to the hatchery without seeing hundreds of fish. The bubblers run continuously to oxygenate the water used to grow trout, which is brought in from the tailwater area of the Chattahoochee River immediately below Lake Lanier. And if you go between March and August, you may get to watch them load the fish into the transport trucks as they head out to stocking sites.

Insider Info: While the hatchery is open to visitors throughout the week, we recommend going on a Saturday as part of the weekly group tour. Not only can you touch the fish (as directed and supervised by the ranger), but you can also feed them, and feed them, and feed them!


Photo: S. Massey

The Tour

A free 45 minute to 1 hour guided hatchery tour is open to the public at 1 p.m. each Saturday—no reservations required—and visitors tour the facilities, learn about the life cycle of trout, the stocking program through GWRD, and get to feed the fish.

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Buford Trout Hatchery
3204 Trout Place Rd.
Cumming, Ga
Online: georgiawildlife.com/hatcheries/buford

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—Shelley Massey