A tot-tastic sport that improves self-control, confidence and attention span as well as teaching a respect for others? Yes please, Sensei. Show us where you sign up. We kicked around Atlanta and found six spots where your mini-me can practice martial arts.


Team Dojo
With 9 locations throughout the Atlanta area, Team Dojo breaks down age groups into Dojo Dinos (3.5 to 6 years) and Dojo Dragons (7 to 12 years). They focus on developing life skills like discipline and confidence, as well as teaching self-defense tips martial arts maneuvers.

Click here for a list of Atlanta area locations.


Atlanta Kick
Atlanta Kick targets each stage of development with age-specific instruction. Kids are grouped into the Little Dragons (3 to 4 years), Little Ninjas (5 to 6 years) or the Samurais (7 to 9 years). Each group focuses on specific skill sets as they work through the various belt levels.

Address: 764 Miami Circle, Suite 204
Phone: 404-352-1140


Karate Atlanta
Teach your tot the basics of Taekwondo in either the Tiny Tigers (4 to 6 years) or Juniors (6 to 12 years) program at Karate Atlanta. The focus is on a fun and physical environment and a teaching method that employs positive correction instead of negative criticism. Known as the “kicking art,” Taekwondo teaches self-respect and discipline as well as being a fun way to get fit.

Click here for a list of their 12 Atlanta-area locations.


The Martial Arts Center
The classes at this Toco Hills Shopping Plaza spot offer Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Karate and Shintoyoshin-Kai Jujitsu Martial Arts. Their 9,000 square foot facility boasts five, fully-matted training areas (and ample seating and even a closed-circuit TV for parental viewing). The 45 minute classes are broken down by age into Dragons (5 to 7 years), and Tigers (8-12 years).

Address: 2947 C North Druid Hills Rd.
Phone: 404-315-1040


Imperatori Karate
Joey Imperatori’s karate studio offers children’s classes (ages 5 to 13 ) in Gracie Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Karate. Students will learn the principals of delayed gratification, hard work and a sense of achievement in Imperatori’s character-building classes.

Address: 5290 Roswell Rd. NE
Phone: 404-252-8200


Atlanta Kung Fu & Sanda Center
Arm your little ones with this Kung Fu program that instills discipline, respect, leadership abilities, and focus, as well as realistic self-defense, anti-kidnapping, and anti-bullying skills. Based on the Chinese elements, children learn Chinese culture along with the maneuversin either the Pee Wees Kung Foo (4 to 6 years), Kids Kung Foo (7 to 9 years) or Juniors Kung Foo (10 to 14 years). At each sash level, students will focus on 10 key areas (Animal, Element, Talo, Wushu Basics, Line Basics, Special Skills, Streetwise Skills, Life Skills, Competition, & Community Service).

Address: 1349 Old US 41 NW, Ste 235, Marietta
Phone: 678-992-5500

Does your tot take martial arts in Atlanta? Tell us where below!

—Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of Team Dojo via Facebook, Atlanta Kick via Facebook, Imperatori Karate via Facebook, The Martial Arts Center via Facebook and Karate Atlanta via Facebook