With school starting back, ’tis the season for them to start sneezin’. Don’t dread the dozens of doctor visits just yet, as you may have the cure right there in your cupboard. We asked around and gathered up wisdom from women of generations past who raised their children (somehow!) without having their pediatrician on speed dial. From urban legends that prove true to family folklore, read up on these simple solutions that have stood the test of time.


Brew up a batch of chamomile tea to treat colic and soothe baby (and you). Simply steep for a few minutes, cool to room temp and put an ounce or two in their bottle. It will help relax their intestinal muscles and is known to “promote a calm mental state”—nuff said. Or, if your tiny traveller tends to get carsick, brew them a batch of ginger tea sweetened with honey and serve either warm or iced down. Have them chug it thirty minutes before departure to ensure a relaxing road trip.

Who Knew? Peanut have pink eye? Chronic conjunctivitis? After thoroughly testing the temp to make sure they are completely cool, place tea bags on their eyes to draw out any gunk and ease the itch.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is gathered by a mom, not a MD, so you should always consult your child’s pediatrician before trying to treat something yourself—and especially seek medical attention if the issue seems serious or if there are any pre-existing conditions.

Do you have a home remedy that works? Share your secret and tell us below!

–Phebe Wahl

All photos courtesy of Amazon and Creative Commons via Flickr