Isn’t it funny how planning a party can suddenly become a three ring circus? Between juggling the favors, food and entertainment—sometimes you just have to send in the clowns. Turns out Atlanta clowns are no joke. Many boast actual “clown credentials,” making them experts in the art of entertaining your own budding bozo. If you are booking a birthday, check out our list of who is clowning around Atlanta.

Miss Teacup

Miss Teacup is a “clown with credentials,” working as a full-time professional clown. She has over thirteen years clowning experience and has completed advanced studies in the Art of Clowning. She is a member of the Clown Hall of Fame and so many other acronyms it is just plain silly. She offers balloon sculpture, sing-along songs, full face painting and cheek art as well as clown comedy magic.

Phone: 404-292-6100

Have a favorite clown in town? Don’t be a fool! Tell us about them below.

—Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of Clowns About Town via Facebook, Ruby the Clown, Squeeze the Clown, Daisy the ClownDoodle the Clown, Magic Ladder Entertainment via Facebook and Miss Teacup via Facebook