Pregnancy. Your body goes through massive changes while it’s nurturing a whole new person. There’s so much added to your plate, from all those prenatal check-ups to outfitting a nursery, that it can overwhelm any mom-to-be. Here are 15 amazing tips that will make all that joy, wonder and new mama-hood a little easier on you and your budget.


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Three Morning Sickness Fighters

Crackers: Keep a cup of dry cereal or crackers by the bed. Chomping on a few before you even get out of bed in the morning will help settle your stomach and fight off queasiness.

Lemon-y Fresh: Smells can be kryptonite for expectant mothers. Keep a Ziploc baggie with a few lemon slices in it in your pocket or purse, and then inhale the freshness whenever the scent of the fish counter or a coworker’s tuna sandwich threatens to overpower you. You can also try an aromatherapy inhaler, like this one, that fits inside your pocket and will fill your nose with nausea-fighting ginger and peppermint.

Candy Time: If the scent of lemons won’t do the trick, hard candies might calm your belly. Keep a few in your pocket to slip in whenever the queasiness threatens to overpower you. Any of your favorite hard candy will do to the trick, or try Preggie Pops, designed just for pregnant women.


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Three Simple Ways to Stretch Your Clothes

Rubber-band Trick: You probably already know all about the miracle of leggings as maternity wear. But here’s a trick that will help you with pants that don’t come with a stretch waist. Just take a rubber band, slip it through the belt hole, and loop it around your button. Presto! You’ve added another inch to your jeans. This trick keeps you in your jeans and out of maternity pants a little bit longer.

Menswear as Maternity Wear: Your husband’s shirts, a few from Goodwill, or some you have in your closet: baggy button downs can accommodate a growing belly and are perfect for nursing and daytime wear in the fourth trimester.

DIY Maternity Tunic: With nothing more than a few yards of jersey fabric, a pair of good scissors and a belt, you can whip up a custom maternity tunic. Follow the directions from A Beautiful Mess for DIY tunic greatness.


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Get Your Vitamins

Sip a delicious smoothie packed with nutrients to get most of your daily dose of fruits and veggies in one meal. This handy guide offers up drinks to make at home, and pre-made juice blends just right for expectant mamas.

Safer Meal Time

Having a hard time remembering whether that turkey sandwich is A-OK to eat or not? Print out this helpful chart of foods to avoid. Stick a copy on your fridge, and another in your purse so you’ll always have basic food safety information on hand.

Foot Therapy

Swelling feet – especially in the summer – can make you miserable. Try sticking your flip-flops in the freezer for a blast of icy cold comfort on your hot tootsies. Or, fill a bowl with ice-cold water and soak your feet as soon as you get home.


Photo: Robert Gourley via Flickr

Prenatal Yoga Made Easy

Between work and all those doctor’s appointments, in can be hard to make it to yoga class. Never fear! Prenatal yoga apps like this one will help you squeeze in a few downward dogs anytime of day.

Building a Registry

Sorting through the thousands of baby products out there can give any new mama a headache. Where should your little one sleep? What do you need? If it’s too overwhelming, skip all that worry and just ask for a Finnish Baby Box (the norm hospital gift in Finland). Your little one can snooze peacefully, and safely, in the box itself (it comes with a firm mattress), and it includes swaddle blankets, onesies and even a thermometer.

Sleep Like a Baby

You can buy a fancy pillow to support your stomach while you sleep, but you might find just as much support from slipping a regular pillow underneath your belly. You can even use a rolled up towel to help align your body as you snooze.


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Don’t Stock Your Freezer

You could make a triple batch of chili, dump it into containers, and have ready-to-heat meals for those hazy early parenthood days. Or you can simply sign up for a meal delivery service like FITZee, which delivers yummy, nutritious, cooked meals that fit a variety of dietary restrictions.

Prevent Stretch Marks

Visit any maternity store and you’ll find stacks of stretch mark cream for sale. Consider saving your cash. You can whip up a homemade cream, like this one from Momtastic, with a little coconut oil and shea butter. Plus, one of the best ways of keep skin smooth is absolutely free: drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Outfitting the Nursery

Buying a crib, rocking chair, dresser, car seat, stroller, plus adorable onesies can overwhelm any budget. Here’s a near-free nursery decor trick that’ll save you money: pick up a few children’s books from a thrift store, cut out your favorite illustrations and pop them in frames. You’ll have custom artwork for your nursery walls and a little cash left over. For more money-saving tips, follow this guide to secondhand baby gear.

Do you have any tricks for making pregnancy easier? Help a mama-to-be out and share your secrets in a Comment.

–Oz Spies